Interested in Sponsoring Our Next Party?

For businesses looking to raise awareness about their brand, thank their customers, and meet new ones, nothing beats a great event. The potential benefits of a cross-functional, multi-platform approach to events is enormous, and we’ve got the results to prove it.


We have spent years curating a community email list of local business owners, area professionals, social media mavens, and creatives that is over 1.3k large and growing. Email campaigns to our community — indeed, your community — have open rates that far exceed the industry average and have produced hundreds of clicks to sponsor-related materials. Emails featuring sponsor logos for our last event at the Georgia Museum of Art were opened nearly 2,000 times!

Social Media

Of course, there’s more to great marketing than just emails. During our last event, our social media content was seen over 45 thousand times by tens of thousands of local Athenians. How? Great content and creative campaigns like our Facebook cross-promotion of Extra Special People, which was shared over 170 times. Not to mention the 1,000+ total views our videos enjoyed, or the thousands of brand impressions made through our Facebook photo galleries. That's a lot of positive and enduring local exposure for a single event!

The Personal Touch

Email, websites, and social media are great, but we attribute much of our success to old-fashioned hand delivery of event invitations to as many local businesses as we can. Doing so creates an opportunity to say hello ask how they and their businesses are doing. It also let’s us facilitate meaningful networking opportunities in advance of the event itself. At the event, our sponsors are prominently displayed on our photo board, and have an opportunity to let everyone know they helped make the event possible!

What do you get for a sponsorship?

If you're interested in getting involved in this innovative local marketing juggernaut, please review the below package options and let us know what makes the most sense for you. As always, if you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us for information.


Benefits for sponsorship levels Bronze Silver Gold
Logo displayed on Sponsor Banner at event small small* large
Logo on under Event Page's "see all sponsors" section small small* large
Logo (tagged) displayed in on Facebook Sponsorboard small small* large
Logo displayed in email to 1,300+ mailing list just BEFORE event - yes yes
Logo displayed in email to 1,300+ mailing list just AFTER event - yes yes
Your company logo gets higher placement on promotional materials - yes yes
Your company logo gets HIGHEST placement on promotional materials - - yes
Logo visible on Event Page WITHOUT having to click a "see all sponsors" link - - yes
Logo displayed on printed flyer that will be distributed around town** - - yes
Close out sponsorship spots for your direct competitors*** - - yes
Maximum number of sponsors allowed at level - - 4
Sponsorship Pricing $450 $750 $1,250


*Logos for "Silver" supporters will be placed in higher position than "Bronze" supporters.
**To be included in printed flyers, we must receive payment before our print deadline.
*** Does not apply for sponsors who are already signed up. 

Print Deadline is 5/2 for next event's Printed Flier and 5/30 for big Sponsor Banner.


Please contact us today if you have any questions or would like additional information.


Network Athens at a Glance

  • Between 300-400+ average attendance at last four events!
  • 50+ business owners
  • Dozens of community leaders from academia, media, politics, nonprofits, community organizations
  • Dozens of musicians, artists, photographers, and other cultural leaders
  • Hundreds of local professionals
  • Numerous MBAs and faculty invited from UGA's Terry College of Business
  • Dozens of young entreprenuers from Athens and students from UGA's Terry Entrepreneurship Program
  • ~ 80% under 50 with strong 25-35 representation

Why Network Athens?

Network Athens provides a unique opportunity to show off your brand leadership to hundreds of local business owners, community leaders, and potential customers. With Network Athens, you get more than just traditional “impressions.” You become part of an interactive, multi-platform approach to business facilitation. As a sponsor, your brand will be professionally promoted before, during, and after our events. Even more importantly, we are an organization that is passionate about building successful events the old-fashioned, indispensable way: one hand shake at a time.

Why do so many upstanding citizens trust us with their time?

For starters, we don’t “sell” anything. Thanks to our sponsors, our events remain free, top-notch, and unrivaled. We also don’t let just anyone sponsor; we have to know that you are offering quality services to Athens before we can plug you into our mutli-platform enterprise. The community also trusts us to throw a great event that's worth their time. Consequently, as you can relate, our reputation is everything. We work tirelessly to build alliances in town and effectively market our events so that we can reliably deliver on the public's expectations.

What makes us the premiere networking organization in Athens?

We strive to create an entrepreneurial spark at our events that ignites business collaborations. This culture is supported by our long-term partnership with UGA's Entrepreneurship Program, as well as the founding team's own entrepreneurial credibility. Our sponsors are therefore well-positioned to take part in the process, and share in the benefits. In addition to the myriad of other ways we promote our supporters, sponsors are eligible to wear a special badge at our events that lets the community know whom to thank for the great party. In another great example of what sets us apart, Network Athens personally hand-delivers invitations to target business owners and VIPs all over town (which is likely why our events are so successful).

Ultimately, however, Network Athens is more than a series of events. We are building a virtual platform punctuated by live events that is dedicated to helping local Athens businesses connect, learn, and grow. No other organization matches our team's combination of innovative marketing experience, professional expertise, and community relationships that together make Network Athens' unique blend of business and fun so successful. Join us as we help Athens connect the dots and take local businesses to the next level!

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